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Winter weekend wanders

Sure, the temperature outside has fallen and, yes, there’s occasional rain showers to contend with through winter, but the city is still calling out for you to come in and play. So, with a brolly at hand, a warm coat and beanies over our ears, we set out to ask a couple of dynamic duos to share a few of their favourite things to do on a wintry weekend in town. 


Meet Ed and Emma – a couple who love winter in the city!

Living on the city fringe, Emma Mellett and Ed Cronin can hop on a tram or jump on their push bikes and be in town in minutes.

Far from hibernating through winter, this couple, who do their weekly shop every Saturday at the Adelaide Central Market, embrace city life through the cooler months.

“I’d argue that, compared to other places around the country and the world, Adelaide pretends to have a winter, but it’s just autumn playing dress-up!” said Ed.

Emma feels Adelaide is “the perfect balance in winter”.

“It’s chilly enough to layer up with cute outfits, but it isn’t so cold you don’t feel like you want to leave the house,” said Emma. “Adelaide does cosy pubs, live music and cute cafes best in the cooler months.”

Both enjoy live music and can often wrap up a whole night out in one convenient city corner.

“In the East End you can check out a gig at the Cranker, enjoy a gin at The Howling Owl and then catch a movie at Palace Nova – all in about 15 steps,” said Ed.

A peaceful escape to the Art Gallery of South Australia, a wander through the Adelaide Botanic Garden or a stop at Pulteney Street’s Clarity Records are other favourite ways to while away a wintry weekend.

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“Shopping for vinyl is one of my favourite hobbies,” said Emma. “I always get a kick out of finding an old favourite album or a new band.”


Since setting up house in the city about 18 months ago, Sean Craig Murphy’s been getting reacquainted with the heart of his hometown.

“I love the energy of city living,” said Sean. “Everything’s close and there’s loads to do – from the fantastic old houses, to new shops and cafes, I’ve discovered all the nooks and crannies you only find when you get out of a car and walk.”

Audrey heads off to Adelaide Oval with dad Sean to support the Adelaide Crows!

A big bonus of city living for Sean is that there’s plenty of things he can enjoy doing in his ‘backyard’ with his 11-year-old daughter, Audrey.

“Ice skating in Victoria Square is back again this winter and Audrey loves inviting her school friends into the city for that,” said Sean. “We also love walking to Adelaide Oval and seeing the Adelaide Crows play. Before or after the game we might stop along Hutt, Halifax, Carrington or Gouger Streets to grab a bite to eat.”

Sean and his daughter Audrey chat over a meal on Gouger Street

Keen to rein in the weekend spend? There are also free ways to entertain a tween in town.

“Audrey loves Marshmallow Park in the south Park Lands for a kick of the footy or a game of handball,” said Sean. “The free MOD. museum is also spectacular.”

For Audrey, the sights and sounds of the city are half the fun of visiting.

“There’s always something exciting happening in the city and I love all the different people you see,” said Audrey. “Sometimes we do some ‘people watching’, make up stories and imagine what kind of interesting lives different people have.”

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Skye Murtagh

Skye Murtagh


  • A very good introduction story to this issue of Adelaide living. Looking forward to moving into a new city centre aged retirement apartment at U City in July to experience a very livable relaxing city life style.

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