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City of Adelaide skyline by night

Smart thinking

As South Australia’s first Surveyor-General, Colonel Light was tasked with shaping the State’s capital. He needed to be visionary and he didn’t disappoint. His foresight is still paying dividends for residents, visitors...

Immersed in the wonders of virtual reality

Turning virtual reality into real world success

Anyone can have an idea, but turning a creative spark into a viable business can present a myriad of challenges for creatives and start-ups alike. Adelaide is leading the way in becoming a thriving space for gaming and...

Uniting Communities’ Executive Manager, Lee Sauerwald (left) surveys progress on the organisation’s U City site

Partners for positive change

You may have heard of Adelaide’s aim to become one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities – but what does that really mean? Simply put, it’s about embracing energy efficiency, renewable energy, zero emissions...

Cardboard house

Smart solutions addressing social issues

Technology is dynamic, and seemingly infinite in its capacity for generating change. For some, it represents progress and opportunity. For others, technology can heighten concerns of a digital divide – separating our...

Someone trying out virtual reality in Adelaide Smart City Studio

A smart city hub helping fast-track the future

Having an idea’s one thing. Making it a reality can be a whole new ballgame. Start-ups face different challenges to traditional small businesses, which is why Adelaide Smart City Studio’s Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)...

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