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Heritage and human-centric design can make for a happy home

Adelaide’s West End has been named by Lonely Planet as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Australia, for many good reasons. It’s a precinct that sees creativity flourish by harnessing the value of heritage and reimagining it for modern day – and City Cottage on Gray Street is a breathing example of this transformation through built architecture.

Davis + Davis Architects flexed their adaptive design muscle, transforming the 1910 heritage stone cottage into a space centred around useability. Simple innovation-driven design principles brought the concept of turning a house into a home to life earning the architecture firm a commendation in the Residential Architecture Alts and Adds at the Australian Institute of Architects 2019 Architecture Awards. 

The original façade was preserved and revitalised with the introduction of a coreten planter. The glimpse of greenery in continued throughout the refreshed interiors with feature plants and a courtyard which houses the same planters. 

The cottage presents the possibilities of compact living. The team at Davis + Davis focused on the optimisation of natural light to ensure that the spaces available were multi-functional and adaptable. 

The finishing results highlight how Adelaide’s built landscape is adaptable and designed for life; one that can evolve in a sustainable way and continually enrich the quality of life for its people through human-centric design.

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