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The Adelaide Aquatic Centre is a good place to start your 2019 'be the best you' journey
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Be your best self

Set yourself on a positive path heading into the New Year. Try some of these ideas to look after your body, mind and soul.

Fitness Fundamentals

If ‘improving fitness’ is among your resolutions, try these tips from Millie Walker, Master Trainer and Yoga Instructor at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

Keep it Real
“Set realistic goals that include basic lifestyle changes like swapping the lift for the stairs. Also, set a weight goal, not a weight loss target. This’ll give you something to get to and maintain.”

Work with a Pro
“Different body types respond to different exercises. Consider investing in yourself by working with a qualified Personal Trainer. Regular sessions can stop you plateauing.”

Keep a Diary
“Map out your monthly exercise plan and stick to it. Make time ahead of each new month to diarise upcoming workouts. If you need to bump a class, commit to replacing it within 24 hours, if  possible.”

Buddy Up
“If you share exercise interests with a friend, team up. Try to find someone for each activity you’re into so you don’t rely on just one mate to help motivate you.”

Ongoing Review
“Evaluate fitness progress regularly. If you’re working with a Personal Trainer, assessments can be built into your program, and your plan adjusted accordingly.”

Reward Achievement
“Big or small, if you land a fitness goal, recognise and reward it! An incentive could be wellbeing-focused, like a cleansing facial or healing massage.”

Click here to find out about all the services on offer at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre and how the team there could help you on your fitness and wellbeing journey.

Lift Your Spirits

From Pilates to yoga, the City of Adelaide’s three Community Centres offer free weekly Health & Wellbeing classes.

All three City of Adelaide Community Centres off Health & Wellbeing classes

In between lecturing at the University of South Australia and sometimes even presenting at the United Nations, Associate Professor Tahereh Ziaian volunteers her expertise to run Thursday meditation classes at the North Adelaide Community Centre. 2019 classes start 14 February, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm. No bookings required.

Get involved with your Council

Expand your Horizons

Languages can build friendships and the Community Centres all offer weekly classes.

For a contribution of just $2, learn French, Italian or German at the Adelaide South West Community Centre, Spanish at the Hutt Street Library (run by the Box Factory Community Centre) or conversational English at the North Adelaide Community Centre. Other language classes include Chinese Mandarin, conversational Arabic and Travel Italian.

Share Your Skill

Many Community Centre classes exist because someone special asked, “Is there a way I can share my knowledge or skills with others?”

With help from staff, locals have started floristry workshops, crochet groups and fitness classes for seniors – all volunteering their time and talents. If you have a skill to share, pop into a centre and chat with the friendly team.

Floristry classes
Share a skill or learn a new one in 2019

Click here to see the activities on offer at all three of the City of Adelaide’s Community Centres – and for individual contact details.


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Skye Murtagh

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