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Fruzsi Kenez
Adelaide's Fruzsi Kenez is curating the City Library's SALA Exhibition Project 2019
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‘Already Home’ – SALA Exhibition Project

Every August, the work of literally thousands of visual artists finds its way onto the walls, floors, ceilings and more of venues both conventional and quirky as the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) rolls into town for a month-long celebration of hometown creativity.

For the second year running a local emerging curator has been awarded the opportunity to add a whole new dimension to the many spaces inside Adelaide’s City Library through the SALA Exhibition Project.

The honour this year has gone to visual artist and curator Fruzsi Kenez, whose ‘Already Home’ exhibition promises to be a compelling reminder of the beauty in unity and the power of diversity.

Fruzsi Kenez at City Library
Fruzsi Kenez will curate the 2019 SALA Exhibition Project at the City Library

“Much like the City Library itself, I wanted this exhibition to convey a sense of harmony, wonder and exploration and be welcoming to all ages, genders and nationalities,” said Fruzsi.

Featuring works by Australian-born and migrant artists, as well as creatives from within Adelaide’s LGBTIQ, disability and multi-lingual communities, ‘Already Home’ will showcase a kaleidoscope of visual responses to the question of what it is to be Australian.

Arlon Hall - Playground
At the ‘Already Home’ exhibition, artist Arlon Hall (pictured here with his artwork, ‘Playground’) will exhibit playful sculptures in the City Library’s main foyer

“Along with celebrating the diverse cultural and artistic practices that flourish in Adelaide, I hope this exhibition helps people contemplate the journey that has brought them to this city and help them find their place here,” said Fruzsi.

From the outdoor reading room to the Digital and Innovation Labs, study spaces and glass display cabinets, ‘Already Home’ will weave its magic throughout the City Library with artforms ranging from photographs and jewellery to paintings and sculpture.

‘Already Home’ runs from Tuesday 30 July to Monday 30 September 2019, City Library (Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall). The exhibition launch will take place on Friday 2 August, 6 – 7 pm at Adelaide City Library.

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Exhibiting artists are: Arlon Hall, Ban She, Brad Darkson, Bridget Fahey, Claire Ishino, Dave Court, Elyas Alavi, Emma Young, George Rex Comics, Lana Adams, Llewelyn Ash, Molly Nampitjinpa Peterson, Narges Anvar, Rebecca Hartman-Kearns and Steph Fuller.

For details about all the exhibiting artists at the ‘Already Home’ exhibition and City Library opening times, visit:

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